Important BreezeMC Vote Links

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Hey everyone!

Here is a list of all the BreezeMC vote links:

Each vote gives you a vote key and $500 ingame. You can win tons of awesome items with the Vote crate and open it at /crates.

Thanks for voting, and see you on the server!

Important ### || REUPLOAD THE TRAILER FOR A BREEZE KEY INGAME! (Worth: $6.98) || ###

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Re-upload our trailer on Youtube to gain a free Breeze Key! (Only redeemable once.)
Download link:
Requirements: 25+ Subscribers on Youtube
How to redeem your Breeze Key: Join our discord ( then post your proof in #trailer-reuploads and a staff member will review.

(If you wish to post on a different social media, contact Riavyn#2080 on discord.)

Important Please rejoin our discord!

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Hey everyone,

Sorry for inconvenience caused, but you may need to rejoin our discord!

Important Punishments List

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Hey everyone!

We just released a new punishments list website, to keep track of all bans, mutes, kicks, and mutes that take place on BreezeMC. We at BreezeMC want to be as transparent as possible about the server and how we run it.

Check it out at!

If you haven't already, join our discord @

Important Welcome to BreezeMC!

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Welcome to BreezeMC!

A brand new SkyBlock network supporting versions 1.8-latest on Minecraft Java edition. Our builds are fully custom made by experienced builders and our plugins coded by only the top developers. Join our community by joining “” on Minecraft PC, signing up to our forums, or joining our discord server (

Discord -
Twitter -
YouTube -

Looking forward to seeing you on the server!

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