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    Denied application for helper

    Application denied. You did not use our required format, correct grammar, and your application is lacking detail.
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    Staff Application JustVolt

    It would help you if you added more information to your application. There are plenty of questions in this application that could use more detail such as: What are your strengths and weaknesses? What makes you unique over other applicants? What do you makes you a good staff member? Some of...
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    Denied Beastys Staff application :)

    Application denied.
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    Denied Staff Application

    Application denied.
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    Denied Apply for Staff

    Application denied.
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    Denied Apply For Staff

    Double application. Only submit one application. Locked.
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    Accepted diplodiplodiplo's Staff Application

    Thank you for your feedback, but Billy and I have decided that it would be better if I focused my efforts in another project. @Billy you can lock this.
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    Accepted diplodiplodiplo's Staff Application

    IGN: diplodiplodiplo Discord: diplo#7616 Age: 14 Country: USA Timezone: CST Previous experience: Previously, I have held various positions throughout the last year. Around 8-9 months, I had the position of Helper and Moderator in quite a few servers. School got a bit difficult and so I...