Denied application for helper

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Nov 19, 2018



Reason for application:I play 24/7 and always encounter hackers, (i literally screen record them, well my cousin does) and id love to help out the server. Another new player joins all the time and always asks for help and i never see a single helper on or staff in general, the only person i see helping are the people with no ranks and i’m here to change that.

Ever been staff on another server if have explain:Yes i have been staff on my cousins server, i was a co owner but i felt more like a helper too all the new comers! and enjoyed it

Brief summary of self and how you act towards others even people who aren’t so nice back:Always react with kindness but if it comes to a level past the inappropriate actions then i will have to mute or kick if have to.

how would you act towards a troller/person who tries to be annoying example “What is the average reach for pvp on here”:Warn until it comes to like i said before an inappropriate level.

Thanks for reading this application.(i made this format please feel free to use it btw
Not open for further replies.