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Jul 25, 2018

When should I apply?
You should apply for the helper position on BreezeMC when you have been playing for at least a 2 days on the server and are at least 13 years old. By this time, you should be recognized as an active player by both other members of the community and staff members.

Why should I apply?
Do you have a passion for catching hackers? Stopping arguments? Making the server a better place? Helping decide the future of BreezeMC? Then this is for you. Becoming a staff member is a commitment, and you must understand that. You represent us.

What do we look for in an application?
Your application is supposed to show us you are the right person for the job. If you show a good personality, charisma and in general, just be yourself, you have the mindset we are looking for. Furthermore, relating to your own experiences on BreezeMC in your answers, eg. How you have dealt with players when in-game.

Guidelines (Must be followed, or it will be instantly denied):
You must be 13 years of age or above however some exceptions can be made if you message us via Discord,
- You must use proper English; Correct grammar and spelling,
- You must have a Discord account, that you use actively,
- Try not to use excessive colours, font sizes, boldness or emojis in your application. One or 2 is fine, but please do not cross the line,
- Be yourself; Applications don't have to be genuine, all the same. Reflect who you are in your application,
-You must have a working microphone,
- You must be able to come on at least 1 hour a day (we are quite relaxed on this, as long as we are told about inactivity),
- You must have read our Discord and Server rules.

Applicant Questions:






Previous experience:

What languages can you speak?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

How active can you be everyday?

What makes you unique over other applicants?

What do you makes you a good staff member?

Suppose a player was complaining about the server in public chat; as a Helper, what would you do?

Someone threatens to DDOS the server, what would you do as a Helper?

Someone gets a few anticheat notifications in chat, you check them out and after messaging them you conclude they were lagging. Suddenly, a Moderator bans the players for a month for hacking. What do you do and how do you go about it?

Something goes wrong with the server; It randomly goes down, restarts, players lose progress - Everybody starts to get angry and spamming chat about the issue and people are wanting refunds on things they have bought, how do you deal with this?

Please do not message staff about your application

If you successfully complete all of these questions we will take your application in to consideration!
Best of luck!

- BreezeMC Staff Team​

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