NoHaxJustOof's Staff Aplication

Sep 4, 2018



SuperDragonCB #0806







Previous experience:

What languages can you speak:

English and a bit of Spanish.

What are your strengths and weaknesses:
Strengths: I'm calm, Good attitude, kid friendly and I am very light hearted but I can be strict when I need to be.
Weaknesses: I have a lot of ping when i usually come on to the server and I can't speak in discord. I usually am pretty annoying as I am only 12 years old.

How active can you be everyday:

4 - 6 Hours.

What makes you unique over other applicants:

I can type really fast so I can answer questions quickly, I am young so I don't really have to worry about school that much so I can get on a lot more than other staff members, the only two main servers I play on are Breeze and another one, the only game I play is minecraft and I have lots of friends in my school who have minecraft and I can tell them about this server which will allow the server to grow more. Not only all of that but I am a very active on the server and know a lot of people.

What do you makes you a good staff member?
I think what makes me a good staff member is that I watch a lot of trolling hackers so I know most of the commands needed to check some of the hacks on a client. I know most of the staff members on the server as I have played on Breeze a lot. I have read all the rules and not only that but I have a lot of ideas that can contribute a large amount to the server.

Suppose a player was complaining about the server in public chat; as a Helper, what would you do?
I would ask what the problem is and see if i can help, if i can't help them and they need to ask a higher rank, I would ask them what it is they need help on and direct message a staff member of the appropriate rank on discord and ask them and then tell the player the answer. If all of that didn't help I would make a suggestions post on discord about it so not only will the player be happy that it will be taken care of, it will make the server better.

Someone threatens to DDOS the server, what would you do as a Helper?
I would ask the player why they would do such a thing and while they are distracted I will direct message a staff member on discord and have them come and ban them because as it says in the rules on the forum, any kind of threats will result in a ban.

Someone gets a few anti-cheat notifications in chat, you check them out and after messaging them you conclude they were lagging. Suddenly, a Moderator bans the players for a month for hacking. What do you do and how do you go about it?
I would ask the staff member to send proof of them hacking to me, if they haven't got any proof then I will unban them considering the fact that we do not have sufficient enough evidence to ban them. Even though the moderator says they were hacking they could be wrong but to be fair so could I. After they unbanned them I would watch them for a long period of time to see if they were actually hacking or not, and if they were i would ban them for the correct amount of time if it was a first offence.

Something goes wrong with the server; It randomly goes down, restarts, players lose progress - Everybody starts to get angry and spamming chat about the issue and people are wanting refunds on things they have bought, how do you deal with this?
I would apologise to the players and say that we are sorry. I will quickly contact the staff about this issue and considering the staff have logs of everyone's purchases I will tell the players wanting refunds that it will be fixed and not to worry. The people who are spamming will not be given a punishment as I would be angry to if I lost all my progress on a server that I spent a significant amount of time playing but if they continue spamming for a long period of time they will be warned and if they keep spamming they will be muted for a reasonable amount of time considering this issue.
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