Accepted Staff Application for the role of Helper

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Nov 21, 2018
Applicant Questions:
Age: 17
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: GMT+1 (London)

What languages can you speak?
I am multilingual, able to speak fluent English and Spanish. Intermediate spanish (have studied for 3 years, still studying) and beginner Japanese.
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I will state my 3 greatest strengths that I will display when being a staff member on your server. I believe that my greatest strength is my intellectual ability as this contributes to many other factors such as my maturity, knowledge of handling situations and professional nature. Yes, without my intelligence I would be not where I am right now. Furthermore, I believe another important thing is my ambition. I am looking to constantly improve and I always attempt to be better than other people who are not people I know well, and I want my improvement to be recognized. This is how you will know I will try my best. My final most important strength is my caring nature. I have many friends who I have picked up over the years who are depressed and are looking for people to connect to. I have helped these people recover and I prioritize my close friends over anyone else. This is how you will know I will help members of the community and ensure your server has a friendly environment in which players can thrive.

My biggest weakness are my friends. If anyone harasses or abuses them I absolutely lose my cool and retaliate for them if they can’t do it by themselves, or just 2v1. I’m also self-conscious and worried about what other people think about me and find it hard to completely trust people at first. However, this will not impact my performance significantly, I'm just cautious what I do or say. Nevertheless, it is a weakness.

How active can you be everyday?
I can be online around 3 hours a day during the weekdays and 5 hours a day during the weekends. I can be on the forums for around 7 hours a day during the weekdays and all day during the weekends, which is the same for Discord. I will contact you if my schedule changes significantly. and will work hard in supporting the server.

What makes you unique over other applicants?
My prior experience stated above is extensive and separates me from other applicants mostly but also my intellectual ability and activity. I know the commands that are needed for a staff member to operate and it shows my abilities in management.

I am always striving to improve, like you are striving to improve your server and I want to be a big part of that. I give my opinion if they are required, not when they are unnecessary. I am 18 years old, which in itself shows how mature I can be in itself. I live in the UK and in my 11+ exams, I scored top 180 in the country and full marks in 2 of my 3 exams I took earning the ability to enter the top schools in the country. I am currently completing my final year in Sixth Form and allows me to further develop my trait of organisation. Doesn't sound believable since I'm sitting here playing video games, but hey, having fun is good for my education as well. Moreover, I am very active, perhaps less than other people who have more free time, but I will try all I can to put the server first and to be online for a longer duration than the times that I have stated in my application. I also have a deep understanding of the game, having started playing the game during August of 2012. I will carry out my duties and treat people fairly, aiming to create a friendly community.

There is also my activity which although may vary from time to time, will ensure I am active and stay a part of the community. I already know some people vaguely, but I hope to become good friends with them. I also have Fraps and Bandicam for recording and Gyazo for screenshots.

What do you makes you a good staff member?
My personality. In short, my intellectual ability, maturity, communication skills, my ambition and my want for constant improvement. In my opinion, I am responsible, fair and trustworthy. However, I am slightly egotistical although many people say that works to my advantage. Nevertheless, despite having a big ego, I am not afraid to admit when I make mistakes and I always listen and respect my superiors. Mentioning my ego may negatively impact my application but I included it because it shows my leadership qualities as I believe that, without some form of self respect, you will not be able to handle large groups of people or strive to improve yourself as a person while acknowledging your own mistakes. I have already stated the majority above in other questions. I want to be staff to be part of this server and watch it grow all while helping its community out and dealing with problems when they arise. I enjoy PvP and skyblock as it is entertaining, especially the leaderboard system, which made me want to apply for a staff position in this server and to increase my communication skills and management skills in a friendly and supportive environment while enjoying the game modes the server has to offer. I don't enjoy catching hackers, it's terrible to see them, but I do enjoy giving them the punishment they deserve and the sort of people who ruin the overall entertaining experience of playing on a server and I also love it when the people I help thank me.

There is also another reason, I have been part of the Minecraft for a very long time and I have met many friends who were amazing people. I miss those times back in the early days when we play together, hence I want to get closer to people in the staff team and get to know them better and then get to know people around the server. I am relatively new to the server, but I will be especially active these past few days and I already understand all the features of the server.

Suppose a player was complaining about the server in public chat; as a Helper, what do you do?
First, I would ask them about what the problem is unless already stated. Then I would attempt to solve this issue if I am able to without any permissions. I would also direct them towards our forums or our Discord in case they have any further questions or if my answer wasn't sufficient. If they spamming public chat I would ask them to stop, if they don't stop I would ask a moderator to come online and stop them (I am assuming helpers have a lack of commands), otherwise I would screenshot and report them on the forums or to a higher member of staff. If had the ability to punish, I would deliver the appropriate punishment with mute durations.

Someone threatens to DDOS the server, what do you do as the Helper?
If they threatened on the forums or on Discord, I would contact a higher member of staff immediately to alert them and carry out punishment. If they were on the server I would keep them busy and alert a higher member of staff and ban them if possible (assuming helpers don't have perms). DDOS threats don't deserve chances, I believe that they should be banned immediately.

Someone gets a few anticheat notifications in chat, you check them out and after messaging them you conclude they were lagging. Suddenly, a Mod bans the players for a month for hacking. What do you do and how do you go about it?

I would talk with the moderator about it and if possible supply them with evidence of him lagging. However, if I have no evidence I would still have a talk with the moderator. I will not however go against his decision if he decides not to reverse it as he is a higher ranking staff member than me and I have a lack of evidence so I could be wrong as well.

Something goes wrong with the server; It randomly goes down, restarts, players lose progress - Everybody starts to get angry and spamming chat about the issue and people are wanting refunds on things they have bought, how do you deal with this?
In this situation, I would not deal out punishments immediately as this is a unique situation and their frustration is justified. I would calm down people and tell them that we will deal with it immediately and tell them to be patient. Then I would warn them that if they continued to spam they would be punished accordingly as I have fully explained the situation and stated that we will attempt to fix them.
I have answered all the questions above honestly.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. If you have any questions or need extra information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jul 30, 2018
Accepted. Congratulations, you have been accepted as trial-moderator on BreezeMC.
Please contact me on discord as it is not included.
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