Accepted Techguy9078 Staff Application


Aug 8, 2018
Perth, Australia
Applicant Details:
IGN: Techguy9078
Discord: Techguy9078#3835
Age:14 and 8 months
Country: Australia
Timezone: +8 GMT

Previous experiences:
My previous experiences discord servers:
-Discord Server owner of 3 servers with 50+ users
-Admin of Empire of Advertisements(Discord Owner: Always cryinq#3104)
-Admin of MINECRAFTT!(Discord Owner: PinkMaxx#5753)
-Admin of Minecraft Server (IP:
-Previous Minecraft Server Owner of 9078 Gameplay Being re-released

What languages can you speak?

-Partial Italian

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My key Strengths are:
-Advanced/Expert Programming skill level
-Constanly want to learn new things and am open to new ideas
-High Intellectual level which helps me learn and improve and solve new things
-I have a kind and friendly nature which also shows my helpful nature I will usually help anyone out whoever they are and try to make anyone my friend but if some does not want to be my friend I will just be ok with it
-I adapt to any situation I am faced with this would help with any situation I face during life because I would quickly learn what to do and I would try to overcome the situation present.

My Key Weaknesses are:
-I do have small difficulties with speaking and writing (mainly I will pronounce works not as clearly as others)(as well as I will have minor grammar and spelling mistakes throughout long passages of writing)
-I also have a hard time trusting people, but once I know someone well I can become one of their best friends and I will usually make sure I can trust them before I make a friendship.

How active can you be everyday?
Can be active up to 48 hours a week on he Minecraft Server
-Currently Attend School
Can be active for basically all hours for discord server during weekdays
Can be active for the forums around 48-72 hours a week

What makes you unique over other applicants?
I am unique to other applicants from my friendly, kind nature that can still be a little playful at times, with a professional manner through my words and I will guide many users with their gaming experience if needed, furthermore I have a high intellectual level that I can use to solve problems with any problems that arise, learn any new things I am told by my highers.
I work quickly and efficiently with a high quality on any task I am set with.

What do you think makes you a good staff member?
My kind, smart, helpful and constantly improving nature that I can quickly improve on anything I have been told and I can help out anyone that needs the help and achieve the outcome I require to a high standard. And solve any problems that arises and be determined to get it fixed.

Suppose a player was complaining about the server in public chat; as a Helper, what would you do?
I would ask the player what they think was bad about the server and see if there was any way we could improve the users experience and make sure that it could be fixed as long as it wasn't giving a disadvantage to other users experiences, if he player kept on complaining about he server further, I would warn him that he would get temporarily muted if he did not stop.

Someone threatens to DDOS the server, what would you do as a Helper?
I would immediately tell a higher staff member with a high authority such as admin through discord Dm's about the player trying to DDOS and ask the player why hey want to DDOS the server(distract them), try to convince the player that they shouldn't DDOS the server and then with the admin or higher authority the player would be dealt with.

Someone gets a few anticheat notifications in chat, you check them out and after messaging them you conclude they were lagging. Suddenly, a Moderator bans the players for a month for hacking. What do you do and how do you go about it?
The first thing I would do would be message the moderator about the player that I had been watching this player for a while and the Anticheat notifications were because of lag, but if the moderator had also checked out the player I would accept his decision because he would be a higher authority and I respect the decisions of higher authorities.

Something goes wrong with the server; It randomly goes down, restarts, players lose progress - Everybody starts to get angry and spamming chat about the issue and people are wanting refunds on things they have bought, how do you deal with this?
I would tell the players that everything is ok the server has just restarted from some unknown error, the server will be back up soon please do not spam the chat to avoid getting muted and I would message higher up authorities about this server crash if the higher authorities had told me that their items would not be refunded I would tell everyone this "We are very sorry but due to that we do not know what items or objects you have bought or used we cannot refund your items we are sorry for the inconvenience" if the higher up authorities told me that the items would be refunded I would message everyone with this "Hello everyone, we are sorry for the inconvenience the server restart has done and we would like to tell everyone that the items that you had will be refunded and you will receive them shortly". If anyone continued to spam chat they would be given a last warning before they would be dealt with accordingly.
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New member
Sep 21, 2018
Heya. I am going to be voting -1.

  • Your age is suitable.
  • It does seem like your experiences are good enough for BreezeMC.
  • You can speak a bit of Italian which is always handy.
  • It would be better if you could post evidence of your previous experiences on the ChatMod server and Manager/Admin server.
  • It would be better if you are more active on our Discord.
  • Also edit your application so you can add more detail, detail is the main key thing in apps.
  • You have a tough time on writing, so always be sure to improve that as our players will always require assistance on the server.
Remember, my opinion won't really take effect on your application so you might be accepted.
Best of luck. c:


Aug 8, 2018
Perth, Australia
Hello fainht,
Thankyou for your feedback,
I will improve the aspects that you have shown that may be a problem👍
I am actively on the discord regularly but I will try to be more active 👍
Thanks Techguy9078