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Nov 17, 2018
INFO: Short answers Longer Answers

IGN: My current in game name is Yurla

Discord: My Discord Name/Tag Is Wurm#3125

Age: I'm currently 13 but i'm turning 14 in 2 months

Country: I live in Canada

Timezone: My timezone is EST

Previous experience: Well I used to be staff on some servers that didn't get so far, one was a SMP/Creative Server which did range about 5-10 people a day. As I was on that server I did start off as a helper and that was "fun" at least in my head, but there was times were I did cross the line, and did things I regret that one day. I learned that as a helper I was granted power that I have and I should never abuse it. As a helper I knew that the only thing I could do that was right was help moderate chat. Moderating chat was a big role to me. It was a big role to me because I had the power and decisions to make in chat. As a Moderator I will try my best as a helper until I become a Moderator, and make sure that no players are cheating at all costs. As a helper I do understand the commands I would usually get would be. /fly, /tempmute /warn /kick etc. I do understand if someone these are not an option. It's just how I previously experienced these kinds of servers.

What languages can you speak? The only language I can speak, is English. I'm trying to learn some other languages in my free time with my friend.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? As a gamer, the most important thing for me is to help other servers become successful. I do have somewhat grammar issues. But they're not all bad. My best strength is to help the server and that i'm a very hard worker when it comes to these kinds of things. My Weakness is when I get ignored by staff and players. When it does come to that I do get irritated and I may storm off out of the server and go do something else. I will obviously try and control that but i'm getting better at controlling it.

How active can you be everyday? Currently I can be on the server 2-3 hours a day.

What makes you unique over other applicants? I'm a hard working person, who wants to make sure that BreezeMC can become successful. I want to make sure that the players and the playerbase is strong. Because without a strong playerbase, the server can die. I would make sure to come onto the server everyday and show everyone how much of a hard working player I am. I'm also maybe going to learn how to code java, online and in school. I'm currently in 8th grade and maybe in HighSchool I can learn how to code Java and all the programming software's.

What do you makes you a good staff member? I have a lot of staffing experience, I know how to use world edit, world guard, litebans, maxbans, essentials, and more. I'm currently an owner on my server which is a network in development, we are currently going to add kitpvp which the network also has Skyblock almost fully set up. I will be adding more gamemodes but I may drop the network for this server. I really think you should choose me for a lot of reasons, I love helping everyone out but if someone is spamming the chat I would make sure they wont do it again, cause they will receive a warning, and if they keep on doing the same thing again they will get a 15-30 minute mute. due to spamming or just blatantly being annoying. If I was to become a staff member on BreezeMC, I would make sure the chat and in game is cleared of anything that could damage the server or players in any kind of manner. If I saw a cheater in game as a helper. I do have the ability to record so I can get video evidence.

Suppose a player was complaining about the server in public chat; as a Helper, what would you do? I would make sure the player go's right to the discord, so they can explain to the owner or the manager about the problem. If she/he wont stop I will tempmute the player. if they start spamming me in dm's or in game. I will make sure the any of the higher staff members are aware and they can take care of it.

Someone threatens to DDOS the server, what would you do as a Helper? I would make sure to contact a manager, developer, administrator or an owner to help resolve this issue. If I can't get in contact with any of the higher staff team. I would make sure to get in contact with a moderator or higher to help this case. If he was joking about the whole thing. I would still mute him for "DDOS Threats".

Someone gets a few anticheat notifications in chat, you check them out and after messaging them you conclude they were lagging. Suddenly, a Moderator bans the players for a month for hacking. What do you do and how do you go about it? I would confront the moderator. And ask him if he has any video evidence. If he says "no" I would make sure to tell she/he should unban the player unless he was positive the player was cheating.

Something goes wrong with the server; It randomly goes down, restarts, players lose progress - Everybody starts to get angry and spamming chat about the issue and people are wanting refunds on things they have bought, how do you deal with this? I would make sure to get in contact with the manager, Developer or the owner for this problem. Only staff with console would be able to fix this. If the server has a backup plugin. The staff members could possibly backup the server ingame without any big problems. But If people wont stop spamming the chat, or stop cussing at the staff members. I would tempmute them, either for 'staff disrespect or spamming excessively. If they did want a refund. They would need to contact the server owner and that's the owners choice on that.
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Jul 30, 2018
Accepted. You've been accepted as helper on BreezeMC. Further details have been sent to your discord.